Privacy Policy

Origin Game takes your personal information and privacy very seriously. Origin Game collects and uses your information to provide and improve our Services to all Users.

Origin Game might collect and use your personal information when you use our services. This Privacy Policy covers the Services you are using, so please read it carefully. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact Origin Game.

By continuing to use Origin Game' Services, you are agreeing to let Origin Game collect, use, save, and share your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1. Information Origin Game Might Collect

Your personal information might be collected, saved, and used while you are using Services provided by Origin Game. If you do not provide this information, you might not be able to become a user of Origin Game, and will not benefit from the Services provided by Origin Game, or might not be able to make full use of the Services provided.

1.1 Information You Provide

1.1.1 Personal information provided by you when you are using Services provided by Origin Game. For example, your telephone number, email, device information, etc.

1.1.2 Information that you share through Services provided by Origin Game, including information saved while using Services provided by Origin Game.

1.2 Information Shared by Third Parties

1.2.1 Personal information about you shared by third parties using Services provided by Origin Game.

1.3 Information Collected by Origin Game

1.3.1 The Information Log refers to the technical information collected by the system via cookies or other methods, including:

(1) A detailed log of your usage of our Services, such as your log in time, and what you did, etc.;

(2) A communication log while you are using Origin Game' Services, including account information of those you are communicating with, the time of communication, data, and length of your communications;

(3) IP Address;

(4) Information on mobile apps and other software that you used recently, as well as information about your usage of these mobile apps and software;

(5) The information (metadata) shared by you through Services provided by Origin Game, for example the date, time, and location of images and videos shared by you.

(6) Device or software information. For example, your mobile device, web browser, language or other configuration information provided by other programs when connecting with Origin Game Services, system activity, mobile device system version and device identification code;

1.3.2 Location Information. When you activate your device's GPS and use location-dependent Services supported by Origin Game, we will collect information about your location, including:

(1) Location information collected via your IP address, GPS, Wi-Fi or other means when you use Origin Game services on a mobile device with GPS capabilities enabled.

(2) Real-time information including yours or other users' location. For example, information of the region you are from in your account information, information you or others have shared that contains your location information, images shared by you or others that contains geo-tagged information.

1.3.3 Device Information

We will collect device-specific information, such as your device model number, your operating system, and unique device identifier. Origin Game might associate your device identifier or telephone number with your account.

2. How Origin Game Collects Information

2.1 Origin Game or Origin Game' Third Party Partners might use cookies or other technology (such as web beacons) to collect or use your personal information and log the information collected. Origin Game uses cookies and web beacons in order to provide personalized player experiences and services to you.

2.2 Origin Game products and services might contain cookies and web beacons placed by advertisers or other partners. These cookies and web beacons might collect non-personally identifiable information about you to assist us in analyzing how our users utilize our services, in sending you advertisements that you might be interested in, or to evaluate the effectiveness of our services. The information collected and used by these third party cookies and web beacons is not restricted by this Privacy Policy, but by that of the third party themselves. Origin Game is not liable or responsible for the cookies or web beacons used by third parties.

3. How Origin Game Uses Information

3.1 Origin Game might use the information collected while you are using our Services in the following ways:

3.1.1 To provide services;

3.1.2 To improve account and data security. Origin Game uses your personal information for authentication, to provide customer service, to provide security, to monitor for fraud, and for archival and backup purposes, so as to ensure the security of the products and services provided by Origin Game.

3.1.3 To help Origin Game design new services, and improve existing services.

3.1.4 To help Origin Game better understand how you access and use the Services provided by Origin Game, thereby allowing us to provide more targeted responses to your individual requests. For example, language settings, location settings, personalized help services and instructions, or responses to requests made by you or other users.

3.1.5 For software certifications or management software upgrades;

3.1.6 With your consent, to survey products and services provided by Origin Game.

3.2 While remaining in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, Origin Game may use the information collected from one service in other Origin Game Services in order to gather information or to personalize these services, so that you will have a better experience, and to improve the Services provided by Origin Game. For example, the information collected about you from one of the Origin Game Services you are using can be used in a different service to provide specific content to you, or to show you content relevant to you that would otherwise not been sent to you. Users can also authorize Origin Game to use the information provided and stored by a service for other Origin Game Services if an option is provided.

4. Accessing and Updating Your Personal Information

4.1 Origin Game will do everything in our power by using the appropriate technologies to ensure that you can access, update, and revise your registration information, or to use other personal information provided by Origin Game' Services. When accessing, updating, revising, or deleting the information, Origin Game might require you to perform some form of authentication, so that we can ensure account security.

4.2 You can modify, change, update, or delete your personal information at any time. If you do not agree to our storing or using your information, please inform us and we will delete or stop using your information per your request. Once your account has been deleted, Origin Game will no longer retain this information.

4.3 Please keep your account and password private and do not give such information to anyone else. If you are using a shared computer, log out and close out of all game windows to protect your personal information.

5. Sharing Information

5.1 Origin Game and Origin Game Affiliates will not share your personal information with any third parties without your consent, unless one of the following circumstances applies:

5.1.1 You consent;

When we have your consent to do so, Origin Game will share your personal information with companies, organizations, or individuals outside of Origin Game. We require opt-in consent for the sharing of any sensitive personal information.

5.1.2 To provide better Service:

Origin Game and Origin Game Affiliates might share your personal information with Origin Game Affiliates, Partners, Third Party Service Providers, Contractors, and Agents (such as communications services that sends emails or push notifications on behalf of Origin Game, or map service providers that provides location data), to be used as follows:

(1) To provide Origin Game Services;

(2) To fulfill Origin Game' obligations listed in this Privacy Policy and to exercise the rights of Origin Game;

(3) To maintain and improve the Services provided by Origin Game.

If Origin Game or Origin Game Affiliates share your personal information with any of the abovementioned third parties, Origin Game will ensure that these third parties will comply with this Privacy Policy and take the appropriate privacy and security measures when using your personal information.

5.1.3 For legal reasons

Origin Game or Origin Game Affiliates might need to retain, save, or disclose your personal information for the following reasons:

(1) To comply with laws and regulations;

(2) To comply with court orders or other legal proceedings;

(3) To comply with requests from government agencies;

(4) To comply with laws and regulations and safeguard the public interest, and to engage in the necessary actions required to protect the persons, property, and legal rights of Origin Games' customers, Origin Game and the Origin Game Group companies, other users, and employees.

6. Information Security

6.1 Origin Game will only retain your personal information for as long as is required by law.

6.2 Origin Game strives to protect your personal information from unauthorized access to, unauthorized alteration, disclosure, or destruction of information we hold. In particular, we take the following measures:

6.2.1 Origin Game encrypts our Services using SSL;

6.2.2 Origin Game provides multiple step verification when you access your account, and provides secure browsing features in your browser.

6.2.3 Origin Game will review the collection, storage, and processing of information (including physical security measures), so as to prevent any unauthorized access of such information;

6.2.4 Origin Game will only permit those employees, contractors, and agents who need to know that information in order to process it. These persons are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations, and if they fail to meet these obligations, may be subject to legal investigations or have their relationship with Origin Game terminated.

6.3 Please understand that due to technical limitations and a variety of malicious means available in the internet industry, that it is impossible to always ensure complete security of your personal information, even with our utmost efforts to strengthen our security. Please understand that the systems and communication network that you use to connect to the Services provided by Origin Game might result in issues that are beyond the control of Origin Game.

7. Information Shared By You

7.1 The Services provided by Origin Game allows you to openly share your personal information to all users. For example, any information that you upload or post while using Origin Game Services (including your public personal information, friends lists, etc.), your responses to the uploads or posts of others, as well as the location data and log data associated with these posts and uploads. Any users using the Services of Origin Game might also share information about you (including location data and log information). As long as you do not delete the information that is shared, the information will remain in the public domain. Even after the information has been deleted, this information might still be cached, copied, or stored by other users or by independent third parties not controlled by Origin Game, or might be saved by other users or third parties in the public domain.

7.2 Please be very careful when uploading, publishing, and exchanging information through Services provided by Origin Game. In some circumstances, you can use the privacy settings in certain Services provided by Origin Game to control who has access to the information that you share. If you would like to request that Origin Game delete your personal information from our services, please contact customer service via the contact information provided in this Privacy Policy.

8. Mail and Information Sent to You by Origin Game

8.1 Email And Push Notifications

When using Services provided by Origin Game, Origin Game might send emails, news, and push notifications to your device. If you do not wish to receive these communications, you can choose to unsubscribe from the mailing list by following the instructions provided by Origin Game.

8.2 Service Announcements

Origin Game might issue Service Announcements when necessary, (for instance, when a Service is paused for system maintenance). You might be unable to decline receiving non-promotional Service Announcements.

9. Changes

Origin Game reserves the right to change the terms of the Privacy Policy at any time. If these revisions of the Privacy Policy will result in a substantive reduction in your rights, Origin Game will make an announcement that will be featured prominently on its homepage. If you continue to use the Services provided by Origin Game, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the revised Privacy Policy.

10. Data Deletion

If you need to delete your account and erase all your in-game data, you can contact us via email at Before deleting your account data, please ensure that you have properly handled the in-game characters, currency, and items. After the account deletion process, the relevant game rights and data will be erased or anonymized, except for the data specified by laws and regulations. Please note that you can not recover your account once deleted. For account safety purposes, identity verification is required if you request to correct or delete personal information, withdraw personal information authorizations, or delete your account. After receiving the personal identity information, we will respond to your request and finish the process within ten working days. The personal information collected will be deleted within ten working days.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the Privacy Policy as stated above, you can contact us via the methods below: